fletcher shears/puzzle shrine thing (wip)

who is fletcher and why i am making a fanpage about him

fletcher shears, also known as 1/2 of the garden and puzzle is a multi-instrumentalist musician active since (at least) 2011, making in the garden fast paced punk (debatablv but commonly expecified as post-punk) with his twin brother wyatt and hypnagogic pop with changing influences as puzzle, lots of aspects from his music as puzzle have changed with time, becoming more agressive, dark and honestly depressive with time

i am making this fanpage mainly because i have been extremely hyperfixated with him and his music for about basically two years for now starting to become 3 and because his music has helped me go throught multiple terrible awful events of my life ever since

my favourite tracks of his

while i could list ALL of my favourite tracks that he has done here, ill instead
just list my favourites off of each record hes got out that ive heard, hope u
guys like it nd shit :3

thats fine - ill show up (ft slater)
this track is actually my favourite for a p funny fact
so, you guys see that it features slater in it right ?
well, not only that but this track is also featured on
slaters self titled first ever project and ep, released
way back in 2013 (wich is gr8 btw u can check it here)
and about two years ago one year ago was one of the only
things ive had downloaded on my phone to listen while
my wifi was down, so yeah, it gives me a big big lot of
nostalgia whenever i listen to it !!

the devils weapon - title track
this one doesnt have much of an explanation to why
i like the song so much, i guess it just sounds good

silver jungle - im right here
well, same reasons as devils weapon tbh, not much to
talk here other than it sounds good, however i do also
feel lots of nostalgia listening to this i guess

just 4 kix - spirit on a horse
well, like other releases this mainlv is mv favourite
due to nostalgia, however theres surprisinglv more
to that, since this was one of the first puzzle songs
ive heard, 3 years ago i was browsing what i just
was finding out is the vada vada channel, and due to
its title this specific track caught my attention, and
ever since it honestly just turned into one of my fav
puzzle songs in general overall

soaring - memory
welp..nostalgia...BUTTTTT, other than that, i just
ever since i found out about fletchers music and etc
ive been very obcessed on the music video of this
track...mainly because i think he looks insanelly
cute in it and the music just comforted me like a LOT
and it still does to this day, so yeah :3